The Downfall of E-Creator: Unveiling Fraudulent Activities and the Devastating Loss


In a recent turn of events that has sent shock- waves throughout Zimbabwe, E-Creator, a once-prominent e-commerce platform, has found itself at the center of controversy. The founder of the platform, Zhao Jiaotong, a Chinese national, has allegedly been involved in fraudulent activities, leading to the closure of E-Creator and leaving countless Zimbabweans devastated. This article aims to shed light on the shocking events surrounding E-Creator’s downfall, the fraudulent activities perpetrated by its founder, and the devastating losses incurred by the platform’s investors.

e-creator zimbabwe
e-creator zimbabwe

Unveiling the Fraudulent Activities

E-Creator, a well-established e-commerce platform in Zimbabwe, recently issued a statement that sent shockwaves through the nation. The statement disclosed the involvement of the platform’s founder, Zhao Jiaotong, in a series of fraudulent activities, which ultimately led to the closure of E-Creator. It was revealed that Jiaotong, through various means, had been siphoning funds from E-Creator, resulting in losses exceeding a staggering 1 million US dollars.

The modus operandi employed by Jiaotong involved withdrawing funds from E-Creator through Ecocash agents in Harare. Subsequently, he would transfer the money to his personal Ecocash account or employ deceptive tactics to obtain funds from E-Creator’s employees. The extent of these fraudulent activities has left investors and customers in disbelief, as they had placed their trust in E-Creator and invested their hard-earned money with the platform.

E-Creator’s Plea for Public Assistance

Realizing the impending departure of Zhao Jiaotong from Zimbabwe, E-Creator has made a public plea for assistance in apprehending him. The company has urged individuals to remain vigilant at airports and along border roads, as it is crucial to intercept Jiaotong before he escapes with the funds he unlawfully obtained. In a bid to incentivize public cooperation, E-Creator has offered a reward to anyone who can provide information leading to the recovery of the lost funds.

The Devastation and Betrayal Felt by Zimbabweans

The closure of E-Creator and the revelation of its founder’s fraudulent activities have left many Zimbabweans devastated and betrayed. The platform had garnered significant trust and support from the local community, with individuals relying on it for their e-commerce needs and investing their money in the hope of reaping returns. E-Creator had assured its users that their funds were safe, despite occasional withdrawal delays. However, the recent turn of events has shattered this trust, leaving Zimbabweans in tears and questioning the integrity of the platform they once believed in.

Evaluating E-Creator’s Legitimacy and Business Model

E-Creator had been registered as a limited liability company in Zimbabwe, boasting all the necessary business documentation, including a Certificate of Incorporation and Tax Clearance. The platform proudly displayed its certificate of incorporation on its website, further affirming its legitimacy. However, despite these credentials, doubts have emerged regarding the legitimacy of E-Creator’s business model.

The company’s business model revolved around collaboration with merchants on e-commerce platforms like Lazada and Zalando, aiming to enhance their product sales through positive reviews and promotions. Merchants paid E-Creator promotion fees, and the employees responsible for completing the assigned tasks earned commission income. The allure of this business model, coupled with high-interest rates of 4 percent per day, attracted numerous investors and customers to E-Creator.

Ensuring Accountability and Restoring Trust

In the aftermath of E-Creator’s downfall, it is of paramount importance to ensure accountability and restore trust among affected individuals. The law enforcement agencies ofZimbabwe must conduct a thorough investigation into the fraudulent activities perpetrated by Zhao Jiaotong and hold him accountable for his actions. Efforts should be made to recover the lost funds and provide justice to the investors who have been left devastated by this unfortunate turn of events.

Furthermore, it is essential for the authorities to review and strengthen the regulatory framework governing e-commerce platforms in Zimbabwe. This incident highlights the need for stricter oversight and monitoring to prevent similar fraudulent activities in the future. Implementing stringent regulations and conducting regular audits can help ensure the transparency and integrity of e-commerce platforms, providing a secure environment for both investors and customers.

To restore trust in the e-commerce industry, it is crucial for reputable platforms and industry associations to come forward and reassure the public of their commitment to ethical practices. Emphasizing transparency, accountability, and adherence to strict guidelines can help rebuild confidence in the sector.

In conclusion, the closure of E-Creator and the revelation of its founder’s fraudulent activities have left Zimbabweans in a state of shock and disappointment. The trust placed in the platform has been shattered, and the repercussions are far-reaching. Moving forward, it is essential for authorities, industry stakeholders, and the public to work together to bring those responsible to justice, strengthen regulations, and rebuild trust in the e-commerce industry. Only through collective efforts can Zimbabweans overcome this setback and create a more secure and trustworthy environment for future investments and online transactions.

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